On this page you will find all important information about our partner company Cannerald.

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What makes Cannerald so unique?

  • Swiss company

    Cannerald is a company with a headquarter in Switzerland and fulfills all legal aspects for the legal cultivation of cannabis in Switzerland.

  • Highest quality

    Cannerald attaches great importance to quality. The overall processes for growing the plants but also the plants themselves are at the highest level.

  • 100% transparency

    Cannerald is a company that attaches great importance to transparency and communication. The entire company and the plants are insured by Allianz in Switzerland.

Definitely a company that has the potential to become the market leader, knows its niche and has also chosen the right business model.

An exciting and future-oriented project both as an investor, customer and salesperson.

Tatjana Egger

I'm in entrepreneurship for 9 years now, but I've never seen such transparency. Cannerald is definitely a company that can become the market leader in its industry in the next few years.

Patrick K.

To be honest, I went to the Cannerald plantation in Switzerland with a negative mood. But I was immediately positively surprised by the modern, professional system. In addition, the two brothers Levin and Severin Amweg convinced, both with their professional way of working and with the absolutely high quality product. I've been looking for a way to invest in the cannabis market for a long time. My path is definitely cannerald.

Marcel K.

Further insights into the company:

Here is a picture from the alpha area in Switzerland. The cannabis plants in the picture are in the flowering phase.

What is the flowering phase?

In the heyday, the cannabis plants grow aromatic and soon smokable buds. This is a particularly important stage in the life cycle of your cannabis plants. A lot happens in the flowering season.

Here is a picture from the Bravo area in Switzerland. The cannabis plants in the picture are currently in the vegetative stage.

What does vegetative stage mean?

The vegetative stage is the first stage of a cannabis plant's life. It is a growth phase in which a plant concentrates on growing tall and strong. If a plant consists only of stems and leaves (without buds), this plant is in the vegetative stage.

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